This is a Stick Up!!!!! Give me your money!!!!

Pulpo A La Parilla

Iberian Pig | Decatur, GA


I have this thing I like to do that my dad calls “exit left,”  when I’m upset with someone family or friend, I walk away and not just physically…I mean in all forms….Sometimes a stranger can be someone who you haven’t seen or spoken to in awhile…but more on purpose than any other reason…

and she told me this story:

A guy tried to rob me, I mean he just ran up behind me and pointed in my face  and says “Give me your money!” so I tell him I left my wallet at home and I feel like you are in need of something, I asked him did he need food, did he need water or was it shelter? The guy looks at me puzzled and then shouts “I said give me your money, I need money!” I tell him “Look here…I done already told you I left my wallet but I feel like there is a need not being how can i help you” So he finally replies “I heard people get robbed around here so I figured you’d just throw your wallet at me and run away…”  Oh and check this out he didn’t even have a gun Page.

When she finished the story we looked at each other and a laugh louder than a 100-man marching band ensued!!! I mean we laughed for 15 minutes…

and in that moment of laughter I missed her, for all those months we didn’t speak and for all those missed opportunities of love.

We cannot let grudges get in the way of those little pockets of  happy, joy, and love that life gifts us with every now and then…. xoxo Dre

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